9 Seriously Bizarre "Future Predictions" From The 1900s

9. Square Tomatoes


Back in the 1950s, TIME magazine ran a feature on the future of farming. Apparently one of the many miracles that yestermorrow would have to offer would be the square tomato.

€œAnother phenomenon in the not too distant future,€ envisioned the Research and Development Chief at Deere & Co., €œis square tomatoes, which, after all, could be more easily packaged by machine €” and fit better in sandwiches.€
Quite why they picked on tomatoes in particular is unclear, and quite why they thought that the prospect of a cuboid salad item was exciting enough to conclude an entire article with is unclear, but it's obviously something that got their imaginations firing.

That said, maybe they had us nailed more than you might think, considering the trend for square watermelons in (where else?) Japan.

In fact, you can now buy a wide range of moulds for your produce, just in case the only way you can get your kids to eat vegetables is to grow them in the shape of Buddha.

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