A Look At The History Of Car Tech

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Owning and being able to drive a car is something that is often taken for granted in this modern age. Since Karl Benz first developed what is considered to be the birth of the modern car in Germany back in the late 1800s, the evolution of automobiles has become an integral part of how we all navigate the world and facilitates the transport of goods resources, as well as people. Not content with simply increasing engine size and output, the car industry make great efforts to integrate ever advancing levels of tech in to their modern day machines, with many cars now boasting insane levels of CPU power. All aimed at improving the different aspects of driving, the variety of gadgets you may expect to find within your standard everyday family saloon all look to improve things such as safety and driver comfort, to navigation, to in car entertainment and stereo systems. Barely 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable to imagine you could be driving around in a car that is able to give you up to date traffic alerts through the in built GPS, offers cruise control that not only keeps you moving but also maintains a safe distance to the car in front and keeps you within your lane, incorporates Bluetooth for wireless connection to phones and music devices, can work as a mobile WiFi hotspot, and provides access to the all these systems through voice activation. Today barely a person batters an eyelid as they take the wheel of these great feats of engineering. Its easy to to be swept up in the fast progression of technology, and become desensitised to the ingenuity and genius that goes in to every advancement made. To take a closer look at how car tech has advanced through the decades, British retailer Halfords have put together the following infographic which maps out the the different iconic stages within the car industry, while also taking a quick look at what we can may be look to expect in a few years ahead. Head on over to the Halfords website for a deeper look in to the evolution of the car industry.
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