LEGO Batman Easter Egg FINALLY Makes Siri Call You Batman

Warner Bros give iPhone users a special Bat-gift...

The LEGO Batman Movie
Warner Bros.

For years, iPhone users have probably sought as many ways as possible to use and abuse Siri's inbuilt nickname function, demanding they be called Superdude, Gigantor or just plain old Batman.

But now, thanks to an Easter Egg tied to the LEGO Batman Movie, your iPhone will now call you Batman without any required meddling.

In Chris McKay's exceptional addition to the Batman movie franchise, the Batcave AI - called 'Puter by Bats - is voiced by Susan Bennett, otherwise known as the voice of Siri (and she's credited as simply Siri in the cast list). Now, as a reflection of that Siri is responding to the in-movie name.

If you say "hey 'Puter" to Siri, she'll respond to you as "LEGO Batman", and there are a handful of in-built responses to give you a few kicks...

LEGO Batman Siri 1

LEGO Batman Siri 2

Screen Shot 2017 02 12 At 21 41 19
LEGO Batman Siri 4
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