Love Your Home: This Film Will Change The Way You Think About Climate Change

What does home mean to you?

Ørsted Orsted Home

Everyone knows the familiar phrase, "home is where the heart is", and it's one we all want to believe deep down. After all, home should be happy, warm, cosy and (above all else) safe, shouldn't it?. Ørsted, a global leader in offshore wind, are encouraging everyone to examine what home means to them, how the world around it impacts things and which words they'd use to describe it in a new 'Love Your Home' campaign.

By using Ørsted's website, you can customise and create your own video, one which will send a powerful message about the fight against global climate change. 2016 clocked in as the warmest year on record, and ocean levels rose steadily throughout. Further, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was at the highest level ever recorded.

Climate change, along with the rise in use of fossil fuels for power production, could realistically affect our homes negatively in years to come. This is something Ørsted, their partners Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Tool of North America want to raise awareness of, in turn hammering home the point that technological advances mean green energy is actually cheaper than black for the first time in history.

Ørsted Orsted Home

Creating your own 'Home' video and sharing it across social media with friends and family members will help spread the word on how much you treasure your home environment. The fact our common home, this planet, is under any threat at all should never be taken lightly.

To create your own 'Home' video, head on over to There, all you need to do is fill in the blanks on several phrases. Then, hop onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more to share your thoughts with the world. Make it honest, and reveal what the word 'Home' inspires you to feel. What does it mean to you? This is your film about your world, so don't be shy to say whatever comes to mind.

No matter who you are or where you live, your home could be threatened by climate change. It's important to realise that the world is larger than any self-contained environment, regardless of how safe, warm or cosy yours is.

Head on over to and create your own video to share with the world around you. When sharing on Twitter, please also remember to use the hashtag #takegreenaction and further spread word on the positive use of green energy.

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