New Video Showcases The Versatility Of Sony's Action Cam

Perfect for capturing the most action-packed moments

--> In a world where people are constantly on the lookout for new ways to capture each passing moment, and share experiences with their friends in ever more immersive ways, the last couple of years have seen a spate of high end wearable cameras. Each one looking to cater for those thrill seekers and outdoor lovers who like to record each passing moments in full splendour. Launched last year, Sony's Action Cam looks to offer the perfect solution to recording in any environment, and has already received rave reviews from fell walkers to skydivers alike. The AS200V Action Cam, which features both built in WiFi and GPS functionality, is supplemented by 70° ultra-wide ZEISS Tessar® lens, BIONZ X„ processor, and works on Pro-level XAVC S format. This means that not only can you record footage at break neck speed capturing the full panoramic landscape of your environment, but the footage you take will be seamlessly smooth and retain the highest of quality. While this 'basic' model itself boasts Full HD recording capability, the X1000V / X1000VR models up the anti even further with true 4k recording ability. With the full model range utilising Sony's own SteadyShot technology, videos do not only provide wonderful HD viewing when played back in real time, but the footage retains its crystal clear sharpness in slow motion. We can see this in Sony's newest promotion video seen above, where footage is captured at breakneck pace before then being replayed at a fraction of the speed, all the while not compromising on quality. This is cleverly represented by contrast of natural speed normally exuded by the 2 types animals in the promo; a series of dogs sprinting out of the gates, ridden by a team of tortoise jockeys.* As well as being visually stunning the Action Cam is also designed to work across the most demanding of terrains, and as such provides maximum durability in being water proof, shock proof, and dust proof. And just incase you're worried that sound quality might be taking a back seat, there is also wind noise reduction to make sure that audio isn't impaired when hurtling through the sky. Take a look over at Sony's website for more details. *No turtles or dogs were harmed in the making of this film. All animals were professionally supervised on set by American Humane.

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