10 Best Players SNUBBED For World Cup 2018

These great players will have to watch the games on TV like the rest of us.

Gregorio Borgia/AP

Over the last couple of weeks, the best players from the 32 countries qualified for this summer's World Cup in Russia learnt whether or not they'd been selected to join up with their nation's squad and take part in the greatest football tournament of them all.

Coaches only get to take 23 players with them to the tournament. With some countries having dozens and dozens of top quality players to choose from, it can be exceptionally difficult to make these big decisions and decide who gets on the plane and who stays home.

In talent-rich nations like Spain, Brazil, or France, plenty of highly skilled players will be forced to watch the games on TV just like the rest of us, despite having performed well for their clubs and hoping that they'd done enough to earn a place in the final squad.

Playing for your country at a World Cup is considered the highest honour in the sport. Getting the phone call to say you're not going has got to sting, especially when you know you're good enough to make an impact,. That's exactly what happened to these ten great players.


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