10 Biggest "What If?" Questions In NBA History

10. What If... Tracy McGrady Hadn't Left Toronto?

In reality, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter's egos couldn't exist side-by-side and T-Mac, desperate to prove how great he was, fled Toronto to sign with the Orlando Magic in 2000. Although both men would go on to have cherished individual careers, they experienced little-to-no playoff success. Could that have been different if they were able to rein in their egos and play together in the North?

McGrady and Carter are among the most dynamic scorers to ever play basketball; a back court of them in their primes could have been one of the highest scoring duos ever. They would have complimented each other well: T-Mac could have taken the toughest defensive assignment every night, while VC's three point shooting would have demanded constant attention from defenses, allowing T-Mac to drive to the basket at will. Also, Toronto undeniably had a better built team, as they were able to take Allen Iverson to the brink in the 2001 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

It's impossible to say whether they would have won a championship together, especially with Shaq and Kobe running the league, but a working aliance of T-Mac and VC would have been incredibly fun for the entire NBA.


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