10 Biggest Failures In The Premier League This Season (So Far)

We're not angry, just disappointed.

We are almost a quarter of the way through the Barclay's Premier League season and personally I wouldn't mind if we all just forgot about the first eight games and started the whole thing again? I mean, it has been ridiculous hasn't it? Everyone is beating everyone, Chelsea are sitting in sixteenth place (for reasons that nobody can properly explain) and a load of players who are supposed to be really good are currently imitating Bruno Cheyrou. The Premier League is no longer the physical, competitive and effortlessly watchable juggernaut that it once was and it now resembles a floundering boxer, still fighting despite being way past its best and earning enough in sponsorship to put up with the jabs to the face from vastly improved european fighters. It's difficult to analyse why the standard has significantly dropped and despite it still being the most entertaining league in the world some of the blame has to fall with the players. This list looks at the guys who have massively underachieved so far and who would be grateful for the chance to start the season all over again. Some are big transfers who were expected to make the Premier League a better place whereas others are seasoned professionals who shouldn't be letting themselves down and more than likely play for Liverpool or Chelsea.

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