10 Boyhood Arsenal Fans The Gunners Should Have Signed

Is he really one of your own, Spurs?


Playing for Arsenal is not only a privilege, but it is an honour. Being accepted into Arsene Wenger’s family, and being afforded the opportunity to knock it with some of the most technically adept footballers on the planet - who wouldn’t dream of such an opportunity?

There are those however, who have yearned for this since they were young enough to kick a ball in a straight line. The Arsenal side of the late 90’s and early 00’s has much to answer for in increasing the club’s brand on a global scale, the French contingent who enjoyed much success over a five-to-six year period inspiring millions the world over.

But where Arsenal have failed however, is capitalising on their ability to weave into the hearts of these budding young talents. While Wenger’s beady eye, always on the search for a fresh pair of legs, is as watchful as any in the business, there have been many a time when his reluctance to pounce in the transfer market has let others profit from his indecisiveness. There have been a number of Arsenal fans who have gone on, or will go on, to achieve great.

You get the feeling that if things had worked out a little differently, and if a couple of these boyhood fans had realised their dream of being offered the opportunity of playing for the club of their youth, the Arsenal trophy cabinet might not have so many cobwebs on it.

Take a look at the ten boyhood Arsenal fans who the club should have signed.


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