10 Deadliest Punchers In MMA Today

These are the men who could knock out a brick wall with a single strike.

John Locher/AP

A devastating knockout is the most definitive end to any bout. The solid thud of an opponent crashing to the canvas can be both awe inspiring and fear inducing in fans and fighters alike. Whilst some martial artists prefer to use fancy kicks, anaconda-like submissions, and crushing elbows to incapacitate their opponents, there are those who pride themselves on their remarkable punching power above all else.

Unlike in boxing, where they wear sixteen ounce gloves, mixed martial artists often find themselves fighting with more compact four ounce gloves. This minimal padding allows for harder punches with much more vicious results, generally ending with someone's lights out. The sheer force a professional fighter delivers by throwing bones at another human can be absolutely, and is quite literally mind boggling.

Some of these mighty modern day warriors are capable of knocking out anyone who has ever walked the face of this floating aqua-rock we call Earth with a single well placed punch, often times sacrificing technique and proper defense by leaving themselves fully vulnerable to a counterstrike, in favor of brutal punches with the full force and weight of their bodies behind them. The best defense may indeed be a good offense.

These are the terrifying men who absolutely no one wants to get hit by - not even once.


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