10 Excruciatingly Awkward UFC Post Fight Interviews

When talking is more challenging than fighting, some unique moments inevitable occur.

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The post-fight interview is a crucial part of any big fight. After testing yourself in the UFC and coming out on top, the opportunity to let off some steam is just reward.

Mostly, the post fight chat is a vehicle for a victorious fighter to show off their personality. Some will use to call out a potential opponent to set up their next fight. Mickey Gall infamously talked his way into the UFC after calling out CM Punk after winning his pro debut with Dana White in attendance. Alexander Gustafsson recently used his time to propose to his pregnant girlfriend in his home town, which was very nice indeed. Thankfully, she said yes, and UFC Stockholm had a happy ending.

Not all interviews have a happy ending however, with some ending in calamity. In 2010, Jake Shields' mic time was cut short after defeating Dan Henderson in Strikeforce. Jason Miller somehow ended up in the cage and interrupted Shields asking for a rematch, which sparked the famous "Nashville Brawl" that also involved Gilbert Melendez and the Diaz brothers.

While thankfully nothing as bonkers as that has happened in UFC, there have been many moments that left you cringing and embarrassed. Some of these were so bad we hoped the ground would swallow us up whole, just so we didn't have to watch anymore. Let's unlock some repressed memories.


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