10 Footballers You Totally Forgot Played For England

Remember when Joey Barton took on Xavi and Iniesta? Us neither.


Representing your country should be the highest accolade of an athlete's career. Not everyone can have a dream run with the national side, however. Some go on to be seen as legends - others have a debut to forget and are never seen again.

But what about the ones that make you wonder if they ever even happened?

There are many reasons why an unexpected player might end up in his national manager's bagging area. Injury crises, a sudden run of impressive form, or simply servicing a specific tactic needed that day are all reasonable examples. When those footballers actually run out on to the pitch, though, the results are unfortunately often underwhelming.

England football focuses mainly on the World Cup win of 1966 and the two semi-finals of 1990 and 1996. Everything else has pretty much been a disappointment. Every now and again England fans have had their disbelief shattered by a deceptive Beckham free-kicks, a flash of Gascoigne skill or a Charlton belter but for each seductive moment of hope there are many more of unimpressive draws, rainy away losses, and pointless friendlies.

Let's take a look at ten players who represent the latter moments...


Intergalactic leather jacket salesman looking for one last score.