There is often a preconception that a great player will make a great manager because of the knowledge he has built up during his time as a player, and there are some cases where a great player does turn into a great or successful manager such as Kenny Dalglish, Pep Guardiola, Frank de Boer and Michael Laudrup, but often the best managers tend to be those who had limited success as a player. Arguably the two best managers in the world – Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho – did very little in their playing careers but are seen as the definition of success.

Great players often get better managerial jobs earlier than their lesser renowned counterparts because of their name recognition and influence within the game, but for high profile players it can often be best to start at a smaller club with less exposure and pressure.

Some of the very greatest and most intelligent of footballers have failed at managerial level – lots of them were seen as ideal for the position but it never worked out. Obviously there are a million differences from being a player to a manager and it is a transition most struggle with, especially the younger ones who rush straight from playing into management without honing their talent coaching in a variety of places.

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This article was first posted on March 3, 2013