10 Great Footballers Who Made Terrible Managers

1. Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness will always be one of Liverpool's very greatest players - he bossed the midfield with steel and grace winning five league titles in just seven seasons. Souness was one of the very best midfielders in the whole of Europe during the 80's as his passion, passing and reading of the game were the envy of so many. He was thought by many to possess the perfect attributes for a manager and he had early success as the player-manager of Rangers. However, despite the three league titles he won, the fans never warmed to him and he had countless critics - citing the vast amount of money he spent during his tenure as a reason for his success. But it all went downhill for Souness very quickly. He returned to the club that made him a hero to combat the impossible task of replacing Kenny Dalglish - nobody expected to see repetitions of the success Dalglish, Paisley, Fagan and Shankly but nobody expected the nightmarish spell that Souness left the club under. His clueless tactics, poor signings and dogmatic nature proved to be his downfall and he left the club with his reputation in tatters and only one trophy to his name. He followed up his time at Liverpool with a short-lived time as Fenerbache boss before moving back to England in an attempt to ruin Southampton. Souness' managerial career ended with Newcastle where he spent a ludicrous amount of money on trash only to get them involved in a relegation battle which the club only recovered from a couple of years ago. There were not many midfielders better than Souness in his era, but his managerial career was a shambles that would have been funny if it wasn't so tragic. It took Liverpool and Newcastle years to get past the havoc he wreaked as manager and the fact that he's been in the managerial wilderness for seven years despite his name value says all it needs to. Did we miss any great footballing talents who failed as managers? Share your picks in the comments.
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