10 Incredible Stories From The Summer Olympics

Not every hero wears a cape. Some of them do gymnastics on broken legs and tear hamstrings.

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Olympics are the pinnacle of most athletes' careers, so there's no denying that anyone that makes it to the Games has to be pretty special. Amongst the medals, the cheers, and the fanfare are some exceptionally human moments that make you appreciate the people that give everything to their sport, their teammates, and their fellow competitors (except maybe Ryan Lochte).

From athletes that refuse to give up in spite of horrendous injuries, to those that have overcome immense personal battles, the Olympics undoubtedly has the most diverse crowd of athletes from all walks of life. Some of them are amazing people, like those on this list, some of them aren't (looking at you, Ryan Lochte), but each and every athlete at the Games has sacrificed a huge part of their life just for an attempt at a medal.

While it's easy to appreciate the athletic abilities of these people, their more human aspects often go unnoticed (except when Ryan Lochte turns out to be a colossal d**k). When they're competing, it is difficult to remember that these are real guys and gals as well, and not the talented part-cyborgs they appear to be.

Get the tissues ready, because these stories are insane, awe-inspiring, and absolutely heart-wrenching.

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