10 MMA Fighters With The Most Total Career Fights

These guys will fight anyone, anytime.


Michael 'The Count' Bisping will be remembered for pioneering the sport of MMA in Europe and becoming the first ever British UFC champion. In his storied career, Bisping stepped into the Octagon 29 times (a UFC record) and fought 10 times outside the UFC for a total of 39 recognised professional MMA bouts.

However, having just under 40 total pro fights makes Bisping a comparative rookie compared to the people featured here.

In the regional scene, fighters are not bound to exclusive contracts like those employed by the UFC, meaning they can compete far more regularly. Also, as fight-purses are, on average, much lower than those on the big stage, it pays for fighters to be active.

While most of us can't even imagine stepping into a ring or a cage with 4-ounce gloves on to fight another human being, these guys turned unarmed combat into a regular hobby.

10. Travis Wiuff - 98

Travis Wiuff made his MMA debut way back in 2001. In just his third fight, the American KO'd future UFC contender 'The Dean of Mean' Keith Jardine (still the all-time best MMA nickname) in just 6 seconds.

Wiuff wasted no time gaining experience, fighting a total of 13 times in his freshman year going 11-2. Since then, Wiuff has averaged over five fights a year for the least 16 years.

An accomplished wrestler, Wiuff proved to be a mainstay of the US regional circuit throughout his career, fighting in promotions such as the IFL, King of the Cage, and Bellator.

The highlight of his career came in 2008, when he defeated three men, including former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez, in one night to become the inaugural YAMMA Heavyweight Tournament. Any chance to defend this less-than-prestigious title were scuppered when YAMMA folded after just one event.

Wiuff also had two fights in the UFC, losing both, to Vladimir Matyushenko and Renato Sobral.

Total MMA Record: 75 wins, 22 losses, 1 draw

Notable Wins: Ricco Rodriguez, Jeff Monson, Kazuyuki Fujita, Keith Jardine

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