10 Most Controversial Premier League Moments

An unforgettable selection of outrageous Premier League incidents.

Eric Cantona, Manchester United gives a gaulic shrug of the shoulders
Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport

The English Premier League began in 1992 to much fanfare and has since provided a multitude of magical moments for worldwide fans to savour.

However, it hasn’t all been sweetness and light.

A rap sheet chock-full of unsavoury happenings have occurred to unsettle even those supporters hardened by the brutality of the seventies.

Players and managers have squared up to one another when the going got too tough to handle. Wild punches have been thrown, flailing kicks have been aimed, and spiteful shoves have been dealt out in the heat of the moment.

Even the officials got in on the act, with unbelievably poor decisions causing unbridled uproar both on the pitch and in the stands.

Bad boy footballers have cultivated infamous reputations upon such episodes, whilst even respected figures have lost their cool during the tensest of situations.

This list represents the ten most controversial Premier League moments, but there’s little doubt that many more scandalous events will follow if the last 25 years are anything to go by.


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