10 Most Disappointing Players Of World Cup 2018's Group Stage

They were expected to do so much better.


Before any World Cup begins, there's so much excitement and such crazy expectations, it's almost impossible for even the best players to live up to all that hype. Every player, no matter how talented, is only human and always capable of having a bad game or cracking under pressure.

Some of the sport's biggest names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, and Romelu Lukaku have stepped up to the plate and performed fantastically at the World Cup so far, but others who were tipped to do well have massively struggled.

A lot was expected of these players, and some of them are still in the competition and will be doing all they can to get back on track and prove why they were chosen in their nation's final squads. For the time being, however, they've had forgettable tournaments and offered little to their country's campaigns.

Maybe the pressure has gotten to them or maybe they've just been unlucky. Either way, these aren't necessarily the worst players of the World Cup so far, but they have to go down as the most disappointing individuals for their failure to replicate their domestic form on the biggest stage of them all.


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