10 Most Dramatic Late Winners In Domestic English Football

The agony and the ecstasy.

Jon Super/AP

For football fans of all persuasions, there are few greater joys out there than a dramatic last minute goal in your side's favour. Whether it’s sealing a hard-fought win or grabbing a much-needed point, a goal is made all the more powerful when it arrives so late it leaves little or no time for a reply.

There’s a great sense of finality about a late goal, as if in that one brief moment, all the good work done by the opposition is rendered utterly worthless. It’s for this very reason that the dramatic late goal is also one of the most gutting moments for any football fan when it occurs against your team. Go a goal down with say fifteen minutes to go and you have plenty of time to stage a fight back or at least in the back of your mind come to terms with the inevitable.

Concede an important goal from around 88 minutes onwards though and it’s like a dagger to the heart. You see your team's players standing bereft with hands on heads, your keeper boots the ball into the back of the net out of sheer frustration, the tell-tale click-clack sound of seats being abandoned fills your ears and worst of all the opposition fans are all going absolutely ballistic down the other end. Sickening.

It’s a moment that spreads joy and despair like few others in football and the English domestic game has been blessed with some prime examples over the years:


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