10 Most Expensive Footballers' Cars

You'll never guess how much the best player in the world today spent on replacing his written-off Ferrari.

Martin Rickett/PA Archive
Footballers and expensive cars go together like fish and chips, bacon and eggs, copy and paste, batman and ro... You get the picture. These young men, who 'earn' millions of pounds each year, spend a fair chunk of their pay packets on cars, huge houses, rubbish clothes and demanding wags. They all lead a life of luxury that leaves the normal working man that watches them on the terraces every week very, very envious. These young men are paid so much because they are the elite. Imagine the shear number of young boys that play football for amateur clubs up and down the country each season. Then, think of the percentage of those boys that get signed up to a youth academy. Then, try to comprehend the percentage of those that get into a Premier League team's first team squad, where the big bucks lay. The number is so small that they almost deserve the huge of stacks of money just for making it. Every young man, if they had the money, would go silly and spend it on the most outlandish items. This gallery goes along with that theory. Sometimes footballers, most notably Cristiano Ronaldo, spend huge amounts on items they frankly cannot handle. The then Manchester United superstar wrote off his £200,000 two-day old Ferrari after skidding on a patch of oil. Ronaldo walked away from the crash unscathed after smashing the 200mph red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano into a tunnel wall in Manchester back in 2009.
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