10 Most Ferocious Boxing Rivalries

10. Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward

If the name Micky Ward rings a bell for some reason and you just so happen to be a big movie buff then that would be because he was the subject of Academy Award-nominated boxing flick The Fighter back in December 2010. While the film provided a fantastic portrayal of one of Boston's toughest boxing son's in Ward and his quest for greatness it didn't touch of Ward's most famous fights - his trilogy with Italian-Canadian wildman Arturo Gatti. Prior to the meeting, both men had already fallen to superior fighters, with Ward losing a unanimous decision to Zab Judah in 1998 and Gatti being defeated by Oscar De La Hoya in 2001 via TKO in the fifth round. Sure, they were good fighters but they weren't the top of the totem polet. However, while they may not have been the cream of the crop individually, together they brought out the best in each other, engaging in three of the most memorable bouts in recent boxing history. Ward, surprisingly, took the first bout via majority decision while Gatti took the last two via unanimous decision in a true back-and-forth, slobberknocker of a fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ3mP98Y28E
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