10 Most Horrifying MMA Injuries Of All Time

Squeamish? Look away now...

David Becker/AP/Press Association Images

It has now been more than five years since UFC President Dana White's famous proclamation that mixed martial arts is the safest sport in the world.

This was, of course, an over-exaggeration. While MMA isn't as barbaric as its detractors would have you believe, the sport largely revolves around men and women bludgeoning each other in the head with the goal of knocking them out, or twisting limbs and cutting off oxygen supplies until they're forced to give up.

Mandatory medical suspensions and strict rulesets are effective safeguards, but they only go so far. Injuries are inevitable, and while MMA's worst damage often goes unseen, in some instances, fighters leave the Octagon looking like casualties in a war film.

Nobody wants to see a fighter get hurt inside the cage, but it's often hard to look away. It's ghoulish, but the publicity that these grisly moments get speaks for itself, with a nasty war wound now just as likely to go viral as a highlight reel knockout.

The graphic content warning should go without saying, but regardless, here are the MMA lesions most likely to make you lose your lunch.


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