10 Most Shocking Underdog Victories In Football History

Never, ever dismiss the underdog.

As many jaded commentators like to remind us before any game involving two teams with even the slightest difference in quality, football is not won on paper. Most of the time this is an empty phrase disguised as wisdom in an attempt to hide the fact that the speaker knows nothing about the smaller side. Moreover, there is a reason teams are rated more highly than others, and more often than not the more highly rated side wins big. All the TV promo packages in the world can't make up for sporting dominance. Occasionally though, magic happens. Every so often a team dismissed as certain losers defy all logic. For one reason or another the underdog wins, embarrassing one team, giving the other memories that will last forever, entertaining neutrals and ruining countless accumulators. Such results are the reason people watch excitedly whenever a top division team draws a lower league side in the cup, or when a side full of players nobody has heard of is drawn against one of the greatest sides in the world. It may be true that the higher rated ream usually wins, but on the day, any team can beat any opposition. The following games are the the perfect example of this, ten surprising victories which prove you should never dismiss the underdog.

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