10 Most Successful Formula One Constructors Of All Time

Racing a Formula One car is one thing, bulding one is quite another.

Miguel Morenatti/AP

Formula One is a unique sport. Why? Well, It's simultaneously an individual and team sport. In order for the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Fernando Alonso to win personal glory, they need a team, and more specifically a car, behind them.

Being a Formula One constructor is difficult, the regulations are tight, the competition is fierce and the costs are eye-watering. Many teams have come and gone without even troubling the scorers, let alone winning races or championships. Even huge car manufacturers have entered Formula One thinking big and gaining little. Toyota, Aston Martin, Jaguar--all have failed to score a single win in Formula One.

The Constructors' Championship wasn't introduced until 1958 (much to the annoyance to a couple on this list who would have more championships to their name had it started at the same time as the Drivers' Championship) and since then, only 15 different constructors have won it. 10 of those 15 teams are on this list.

Some of the winners are big and successful car manufacturers, some are much smaller independent teams. But a Constructors' Championship is the same regardless who wins and these are the most successful.

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