10 Most Violent Fighters In UFC History

Who are the most savage MMA fighters to ever grace the Octagon?

© Igor Vidyashev/ZUMA Press/Corbis

Thousands of fighters have made the choice to step inside the Octagon, all with their own incredible skillsets and entertaining styles of fighting. However, as we've seen time and time again in this sport, not all fighters are created equal, especially when it comes to the level of violence they're able to dish out when fighting inside the cage.

Although all fighters are dangerous in their own way, there's a certain number of fighters who simply do violence better than everyone else competing inside the Octagon. Not only are these warriors destroying opponents with ridiculous finishes and lighting opponents up with shoryuken-level uppercuts, they're also getting to get their hands dirty, smashing opponents until they've got nothing left before submitting them just to finish the fight decisively.

We've gone through the plethora of fighters who have given some of the most brutal beatings and whittled them down to a murderers' row of ten elite badasses. From heavy-handed knockout artists to destroyers who take a part of their opponent's soul with them after every fight, these are the most vicious fighters in UFC history.

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