10 NFL Rookies Who Could Set The League On Fire

Hundreds of rookies will join the NFL ranks this season, but which will have the most impact?

Paul Sancya/AP

The 2017 NFL season is finally upon us and at this point, any number of implausible events could seemingly become reality down the line. Could the Browns win the Super Bowl? Almost 100% no, but who knows? Could the Patriots dynasty finally crumble under the weight of Father Time and all of Bill Belichick's hoodies? Probably not, but we can let the AFC East dream. Will Andrew Luck reveal himself to be a member of the Wyatt Family in a rambling, thirteen minute promo during the home opener at Lucas Oil Stadium? I sure hope so.

No one knows exactly what will happen during the upcoming season of this sport confusingly called "Football", but one thing is for sure: hundreds of bright eyed rookies will enter the league. Sure, a fair number of them will suck and a fair number of them will be "meh" at best, but a handful of them will quickly ascend into the league's elite and set themselves up for, hopefully, a career defined by excellence, accolades, and large sums of money being dropped into their homes via helicopter. It's impossible to know for sure who that handful will be, but through the POWERS OF "SCIENCE", we can make some educated guesses.

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