10 NHL Teams To Watch This Season

Here are the teams you need to start caring about right this second!

© Jeanine Leech/Icon SMI/Corbis

The new season of the National Hockey League is set to begin on 4 October, and the future is brighter than it’s been in a long time. A wide variety of young, budding superstars around the league look primed to challenge the status quo, and with that, showcase the NHL as a league buoyed by exciting, youthful talent.

The current decade has seen only four different teams hoisting the Stanley Cup, hockey's ultimate prize, but change appears more imminent than ever. A plethora of new teams are emerging as serious contenders with this season looking to be the breakout party of new challengers for the title of the league’s elite.

30 teams have increased to 31, each with new faces, new looks, and new weapons added to cement their individual claims to the throne, each hoping to wrestle the Pittsburgh Penguins away from the Cup they’ve held such a strong grip on for two years running.

Here are 10 teams in particular who are raring to go and ready to win this season. You can rest assured that the next Cup winner will be found within this list: I’ll stake my reputation on that!


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