10 NHL Teams To Watch This Season

1. Edmonton Oilers

It’s not hard to argue that the Edmonton Oilers are easily one of the most exciting teams to watch for next season, and many seasons to come. The summer was marked by the big-money extensions of the crown jewel of their roster, prodigal captain Connor McDavid, as well as budding franchise forward Leon Draisaitl.

Expectations were immense for McDavid’s second season in the league after he finished at over a point per game in his injury-interrupted rookie season, and he more than met them in a glittering campaign in which he scored 100 points and earned MVP and scoring title honours. The Oilers made the playoffs for the first time in a decade and even advanced to the second round. With that level of success, expectations are considerably higher this time around.

With another year of growth behind them, the Oilers seem to have finally advanced into the light after a decade of darkness. Their aim is not only to challenge for the division, but to perennially challenge for the Stanley Cup. With their generational talent pulling the strings, the Oilers are set to surge.

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