10 Oldest Footballers Called Up For World Cup 2018

Age is just a number.

tim cahill
© firoz ahmed/Demotix/Corbis

The talents of a football player are said to peak at around the age of 27/28. At that point, the average player has plenty of experience behind them, while also being in peak physical form, with all the power and pace they need to succeed.

In the years that follow, players tend to get a little slower, a little less efficient, and a little less successful on the pitch, with many choosing to retire or make the move to less competitive leagues in their early thirties.

Some, however, seem to have found the fountain of youth. They're still technically getting older each and every year, obviously, but manage to maintain an impressive level of form and fitness that belies their years.

Some are even good enough to be called up for huge global tournaments like the World Cup, and carry on representing their country at an age when many of their fellow professionals have decided to call it quits.

At this summer's World Cup, we'll naturally be excited to see all the raw young talent out there, but a special round of applause is well-deserved for the oldest players who are still kicking and proving that age really is just a number.


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