10 Players Who Could Win The World Cup 2018 Golden Ball Award

10. Kevin De Bruyne - Belgium


Kevin De Bruyne has been the name on everyone's lips over the last year or so. Along with the likes of Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane, the 26-year-old Belgian has lit up the Premier League with his incredible talents and was a huge part of Manchester City's successful title charge.

A goalscorer and creator, De Bruyne almost seems to have a sixth sense on the pitch, able to read the game with consummate ease and play the sorts of passes that make fans and opposition players stop and stare in amazement. If he can take his domestic form onto the international stage, there's no telling what he can accomplish.

Heading into the World Cup, De Bruyne is one of Belgium's best hopes of success. The squad is filled with talent and is being predicted by many experts and pundits to go a long way in this competition, and if De Bruyne can link up well with the likes of Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, the Belgians will be scoring a lot of goals in the next few weeks. KDB missed out on the Premier League individual awards, but a World Cup Golden Boot would be an excellent addition to his trophy haul.


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