10 Players Who Rejected Man Utd

Who says no to Sir Alex Ferguson?!

Gareth Bale
Mail Online

Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs on the planet and have successfully persuaded some of the game's greatest players to sign on the dotted line, bringing in the likes of Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Eric Djemba-Djemba.

Almost every summer they're linked with the latest wonderkid and it's rumoured they'll break transfer records in order to get their man. Astronomical figures are quoted for the deal because if you throw enough money at a problem in modern day football, it gets sorted.

However, every now and again some brave soul rejects the advances of the Red Devils because (despite what some United fans will have you think) there are places to ply your trade other than Old Trafford. Some on this list even said no to Sir Alex Ferguson, a man whose 'hairdryer treatment' could power several wind farms.

It seems incomprehensible that someone would opt to decline to play for a club that almost guarantees success, and yet, whether it be the promise of first team football, club loyalty or (you guessed it) even more money elsewhere, these players chose a different stage to the Theatre of Dreams.


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