10 Players You Need To Get In Your Fantasy Football Team ASAP

Don't start pulling your hair out just yet...

Premier League

Fantasy football is something which can consume people over the course of a season, as football fans up and down the country do battle either with mates, followers of certain clubs, or even celebrities to try and claim a title as coveted as the real Premier League trophy.

Getting the right players in your fantasy team is something which causes stress galore, with shouts of ‘can’t believe I took him out this week’ and ‘I give up’, regular comments from players.

It’s always tough to choose your team. Do you go for the big hitters who cost more? Do you go for bargains? What formation do you play? All are questions which fans spend hours mulling over in their heads on a weekly basis.

There’re arguments to be made for a whole host of tactics when playing fantasy football, but getting the right players in at the right time is often the key.

This season sees plenty of options and plenty of players racking up the points early on, but who’s impressing the most and who can you not afford to miss out on?


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