10 Sportspeople Considered The Greatest Ever

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

ADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY, FEB. 23, 2014 AND THEREAFTER - FILE - In this March 29, 1966 file photo, reporters surround Muhammad Ali at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens after he won a unanimous decision over Canadian George Chuvalo. (AP Photo)

Muhammad Ali has died at the age of 74. He wasn't just the greatest boxer of all time, but was arguably the greatest sportsperson of all time as well.

Almost nobody else can make such a claim. Ali's ability in one of few sports with legitimate global appeal, and his contrary, often plainly rebellious personality marked him out as a truly transcendent figure. His influence extended beyond his ability to box, as people generations apart who never watched his work in the ring were nevertheless inspired by the man.

The question of 'Greatest of All Time' is not so clear-cut for most other sports. The debates usually descend into provocative, hate-laden affairs, but everybody enjoys one of those. So here's ten (ten!) controversial opinions to argue with me about. One of them is cricket, though. Can anyone really work themselves into a fervor over cricket? The answer: probably. This is the internet, afterall.

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Editorial Team

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