10 Summer Premier League Signings We Won't See The Best Of Until Next Season

Not all signings settle as quickly as Alvaro Morata...

arsenal fc

This summer was another record-breaking transfer window in the Premier League, with combined spending across the division eclipsing half a billion pound for the first time.

As Frank de Boer recently discovered with his ruthless sacking by Crystal Palace, time is a rare commodity in football these days. And with transfers fees at a nauseating high, the pressure is greater than ever on a new signing to make an immediate impact.

The Premier League is considered the hardest league in the world for a reason. It may not be the best league in the world, but no other style of football demands the same combination of physical, mental, and technical excellence as the top flight of the English game.

Some recruits such as Alvaro Morata - who has three goals in as many starts for Chelsea since joining from Real Madrid for £70 million - can be hits straight out of the gate. Other signings will never settle and are offloaded for as much cash as their clubs can recoup.

And there are those in between who eventually come good, but take a little bit longer to return the investment made on them. All that is required is some patience...


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