10 Talking Points From The First Round Of World Cup 2018 Group Games

It's been a whirlwind World Cup so far.


The first round of World Cup 2018 group games came to a close with Senegal's hard-fought 2-1 win over Poland. 38 goals were scored in the first set of 16 matches, and we've already seen some big shocks along the way.

Teams that were expected to breeze past all opposition in the group stages have already struggled to get over the very first hurdle, and a few overlooked sides have surprised spectators all over the world with some impressive, unexpected results.

We've witnessed some breathtaking goals, from Cristiano Ronaldo's magnificent free kick in the final minute's of Portugal's 3-3 draw with Spain to Philippe Coutinho's phenomenal long-range strike for Brazil in the South American side's 1-1 draw with Switzerland. Spectators have also seen a surprising total of 5 own goals already, and best of all, we haven't had a single 0-0!

In short, it's been a thrilling World Cup so far, filled with surprises, a few breakout stars, some unexpected results, and quite a lot of drama. There's a long way to go in this World Cup, but it's already given us so much to talk about.


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