10 Things We Learned From The English Premier League Football Weekend (23-25 Sept 2017)

The wheel slowly spins.

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It's looking increasingly like a two-horse race for this season's Premier League crown.

In the red corner, Manchester United are a machine of ruthless efficiency - powerful and, the Stoke draw aside, impervious to opposition pressure. What they lack in knife-through-butter passing, they make up for with the best goalkeeper on the planet and a sturdy back four similarly impervious to injury. The Reds can also take solace in the fact that, if the renaissance of Henrikh Mkhitaryan is any indication, all is not yet lost for the promising but sidelined Victor Lindelöf.

In the blue corner, Manchester City are in sensational form. Their attacks aren't so much attacks as full-on deluges which overwhelm their jobber rivals from all angles. At present, last year's defensive woes look like mere teething problems. That's what spending £150M on full backs, a curious and somewhat damning stat, will do for their chances of supremacy. They have also solved the Sergio Aguero problem. The Argentine missed almost quarter of the previous two PL seasons - but there are beautifully-worked goals throughout their stunning-to-watch midfield and forward areas.

That said - the blue corner was further bolstered this weekend, potentially changing the title race into a Triple Threat match...

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