With the start of the season bearing down on Premier League teams and fans alike, anticipation and anxiety is rife among fans around the country desperate to welcome Premier League football back for another pulsating year. Who will get it right and who will under-perform? Who will be the signing of the season and who will be the inevitable flop? So many possibilities and the excitement is almost tangible (unless you are a Newcastle fan).

There is still time to make some important additions to their squad’s before the window slams shut early in September, and we have all heard of some of the big named players who may be on the move before the clock runs out. What I am going to have a look at though is some of the more unknown players that have the potential to make it in England’s premier competition. These are ten players that are not only exciting talents but represent a real investment for any clubs willing to take them on and nurture that talent. Some of them I’m sure many of you will have heard of but one or two you may have not come across before.

So lets take a look at 10 Players Premier League Clubs Should Still Be Looking To Sign This Window.

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This article was first posted on August 13, 2013