10 World Footballers Premier League Clubs Should Sign This Summer

Who will swing next year's title race?

Luca Bruno/AP

The European domestic season is nearly over, leaving us with just the World Cup to watch before a bleak and depressing one month without any competitive football at all.

But fear not: the transfer window is always a good source of entertainment. In fact, this year it could be more entertaining than ever before, with a host of teams - including, for the first time in 22 years, an Arsene Wenger-less Arsenal - looking to build a squad capable of challenging this season's runaway champions Manchester City.

One Premier League cliche that refuses to go away is that English teams are better off buying players from within their own division, the logic being that they are already familiar with the physical demands of the style typically practised on these isles, and therefore won't require a lengthy acclimation period.

That's not untrue, but trades between the Big Six are extremely rare, while the remainder of the sides are populated by players who simply aren't good enough for the top level. And then there's the issue of price: PL buys, thanks in part to the perception that they are more reliable, are almost always more expensive too.

So, who could they look to buy from overseas instead?

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