10 Young Players Who Could Help England Win World Cup 2022

These young lions are getting ready to roar.

Flickr, @nicksarebi

It's been a whirlwind World Cup for England and their fans. Heading into the tournament, few people could have predicted that the Three Lions would make it all the way to the semi-finals, uniting the country and inspiring millions of people in ways that past teams had failed to do on so many occasions.

England couldn't quite go all the way, losing out to Croatia in the semi-final and settling for 4th place after the play-off with Belgium, but finishing as one of the best four teams at a World Cup is a huge achievement any way you look at it, and the team and manager should all be very proud of what they've accomplished.

Now, with the World Cup winding down and England players heading home to their various clubs, ready for the next domestic season, it's natural for fans to start thinking about the future. By the time the next World Cup comes around, some of the players will be well into their thirties and Gareth Southgate will already be looking at adding some fresh blood to his ranks.

A lot can happen in four years, and there are plenty of young players out there who could make the step up and break into the England squad, helping the Three Lions finally end all those years of hurt in 2022.


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