11 Ugliest Football Kits For The 2015-16 Season

As clubs get ready for the new campaign fans are embarrassed by these horror kits. Do you dare look?

Theo Karanikos/AP

Football has come a long way since its first club, Sheffield FC, was founded back in 1857. 

Games are now 90 minutes long, referees are allowed to use whistles and women can have a go too but after more than a century and a half one tradition still remains... Ugly shirts. Over the years players have tried laughing off these creations as some sort of boardroom prank, only to find themselves being forced to wear something close to rainbow vomit. 

Honestly, these shirts are so hideous Mario Balotelli might actually want to wear one on a night out.

In a way it's reassuring that multi-millionaires can be forced to dress like clowns but for the fans it's no laughing matter as a handful of clubs prove an old adage correct, money can't by sense - or style. From garish and nauseating to the bizarre and little bit scary, here's a colourful look at which clubs are committing the biggest fashion faux-pas in football this campaign.

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