15 British Players Who Returned To Their Former Clubs

Conquering heroes or washed up wannabes? We rate the footballers who came home.

Everton FC

It's perceived wisdom that you should never go back. Precedent also seems to suggest that both returning to the scene of any crime and trying to recapture old magic are generally a bad idea. With this being the case, it's amazing how many footballers end up doing exactly that.

Some are deceived by rose-tinted spectacles, remembering only the good times they had. Others are forced back when their exciting transfer move ends up being the stuff of nightmares. Some just want to go back to a place where they already know all the best restaurants.

With the ink still drying on Wayne Rooney's new Everton contract, this phenomenon has circled back into consciousness in a big way. In one respect it's probably true that the former England captain isn't the player he once was but will his history with Everton's fans make them more or less forgiving if he doesn't start delivering the goods as soon as the new seasons gets underway?

On reflection, it's hard to get too much of a handle on it from past examples.

Returning prodigal sons are a mixed bag. Some explode out of the blocks, bettering their first run with their former clubs. Others wish they hadn't bothered, dreaming of retirement while another young whippersnapper who's half the player they once were steams past them before they even have a chance to stick a leg out.

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