3 Talked About UFC Super Fights We Need To See (And 3 That Have Lost Their Luster)

Who still wants to see Ronda Rousey versus Cris Cyborg?


In the sport of mixed martial arts, there are few things more exciting than a super fight. Seeing two champions from different weight classes (or promotions) compete for the gold is a rare treat for fans of the sport.

Technically, to a be a super fight, a contest should involve two champions. That being said, the term has been applied far more liberally as of late. These days, at least in the eyes of many fans, a super fight is a bout between two big-name fighters that folks really, really want to see.

The UFC, in particular, has delivered some compelling super fight recently — Daniel Cormier taking on Stipe Miocic and T.J. Dillashaw versus Henry Cejudo are both excellent examples.

As exciting as these contests can be, they also, in many cases, have a window.

MMA is a tough sport, and a couple of loses can send a main event fighter to the prelims in a hurry. This is why it's imperative that promoters strike while the irons hot if they hope to reel in the big bucks and give fans the matchups they want to see.

At present, the UFC has the ability to make a ton of potential super fights that would sell more than a few pay-per-views. While some of these contests would make for intriguing matchups in the cage, others would simply be pairing legendary fighters so the promotion could sell a few extra tickets. Here are some excellent examples of both scenarios.

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