Drug use in sport is always a controversial subject, with supposed legends of a sport can go from being idolized to villanised with just one positive test. Drug cheats can often tarnish a sports image and call into question the validity of results in competition.

These are the sport legends that have gone from zero to hero, entirely from what they choose to stick in their bodies, and as recent news has shown us, they have always existed, at all times.

So with this in mind, check out this list of drug cheats.

5. Asafa Powell


Asafa Powell was once the fastest man ever in the 100 meters, managing to run an incredible 9.72 is Lausanne, Switzerland. Simply unstoppable when it came to running in the Diamond League, Asafa was Jamaica’s main male sprinter (no small accomplishment) until the arival of Usain Bolt. However in the championships Powell would often ‘bottle’ it when it came time to truly perform. Although often being favorite for a gold medal in championships, Powell has only managed two bronzes in individual races.

On July 14th 2013 Powell, along with Sherone Simpson, announced that he had tested positive for a stimulant called oxilofrine, an amphetamine closely related to ephedrine which is banned by the IAAF. In Powell’s defense this is also used in many diet supplements, and he has vowed to compete after his suspension is over, but until then he has had his contracts with Adidas and Chinese sports company Li-Ning suspended.

“I am still training. I consider this an off year but I am still working hard, training, going to the gym almost every day. It’s very unfortunate that I will not be going to the World Championships, but there is a lot more to go.” – Asafa Powell

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This article was first posted on August 14, 2013