5 Most Inspirational Sports Stars Of All Time

Meet The Brothers In Arms with 2020 Olympic Hope - #DoYourOwnThing

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In the spirit of taking control of your own destiny iD are presenting a 3 part series titled ‘New Originals’ looking at people who have grabbed the initiative and looked to determine their own destiny. In the video above we are introduced to Rajan Rai and Jai Birch; Brothers In Arms for Newham in East London who have rallied up against the pressures of low expectation and meek ambition, which so often resonates in deprived suburban areas.

Driven by a will to succeed and pride in themselves as well as in the community they belong, Rajan and Jai have risen up through the ranks to become prominent figures in the world of British fencing, and are hoping to represent their country at the 2020 Olympics. Breaking stereotypes and wanting to figure as role models to those around them, they champion the attributes of a sport which is often seen as one only played by white middle class men. Requiring the ability to observe your opponent, showing concentration and focus, and using good judgement in deciding when you make your move, the sport also demands respect and honour between competitors.

Check out Rajan and Jai’s video above, and click here to see the full series.

Displaying strength of will, and the resolve to hold true to our beliefs and forge our path without bowing to peer pressures should never be undervalued, least of which in the sporting world. To carry on this sentiment we have taken a look at 5 of the most inspirational sports stars ever..


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