5 NFL Receivers Who Will Improve In 2017 (And 5 Who Won't)

Pass catchers are in higher demand than ever before. Some will rise, others will fall. But who?


It can be said a million times, and yet it can never be said enough: the NFL in 2017 is a passing league. While quarterbacks are king and even mediocre ones are worth a small fortune (Hi, Mike Glennon! Way to finesse the Bears, bro!), the demand for talented wide receivers has also never been higher.

It makes sense: the more the ball flies, the more men are needed to catch and score said ball (Or, if you play with Brock Osweiler, watch as the ball hits the ground five feet away from you). Luckily, supply has surpassed demand and the league is positively teeming with Pro Bowl level wide receivers and tight ends.

The science is simple: once a team has a franchise signal caller, they start stockpiling pass catchers. This has led to teams like the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Detroit Lions deploying multiple #1 quality receivers on game day. When you look at it on paper, the sheer amount of talent in the NFL's collective receiving core is simply staggering.

It's a difficult position to play with an ever-growing amount responsibility attached, so it only makes sense that as time flows forward, some receivers will reach new heights, while others will crumble against the weight of various circumstances. The question is: who will do which?


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