5 Reasons Cristiano Ronaldo Should Not Retire From Portugal After World Cup 2018

He might be 33, but Ronaldo still has a lot to offer to his national side.


30 June saw the two best players on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, get eliminated from the World Cup. Despite their best efforts, neither player could help their sides overcome tough opposition and remain in the tournament.

Ronaldo is 33 years old now and will be 37 in 2022 when the next World Cup rolls around, so it's only natural that many people believed that this was his last chance to lift the famous trophy with his national side.

The Real Madrid star is definitely entering the latter stages of his career and is currently a European Champion with Portugal, so might be thinking about taking this opportunity to announce his international retirement on a relative high and give up on the chance of ever reaching a World Cup final or winning the tournament.

There are arguments to be made in favour of such a decision, but there are plenty of reasons why Ronaldo should stick around a little longer. He's an iconic player who clearly loves representing his country, and his performances at the 2018 World Cup showed that he still has a lot to offer Portugal.


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