5 Things Lionel Messi Must Still Achieve To Become Greatest Ever Footballer

Lionel Messi is without doubt the best player in the world right now. But is he the greatest ever? Despite…

Jordan Higgins



Lionel Messi is without doubt the best player in the world right now. But is he the greatest ever?

Despite the Argentine’s impeccable scoring record and incredible skill there is varying opinions whether or not he is in fact the best of all time. The man who is widely considered to hold this accolade; Pele – like he needed an introduction – has previously made it clear that he believes himself to still be the best player to grace world football.

It’s hard to find any holes in a player as good as Messi’s CV but there are some there. With countless amounts of trophies, awards and goal scoring records under his belt, what else does the guy have to do to prove himself? We have graciously put in the the effort to discover the precious little things the forward is yet achieve in his career. And they might just be the defining factors that could secure Messi’s place as the world’s greatest.

Here are 5 things we believe he must achieve to become the greatest ever.


5. Establish Himself In Another League

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There is certainly no arguments that Messi has established himself in La Liga. And the 25-year-old almost always plays great in the UEFA Champions League, but wouldn’t it be great to see how he would fair in the various other leagues around Europe?

The first league that comes to mind has to be the English Premier League due to the fact it’s common knowledge that it is one of the best, if not the, best league in the world. It would be a new challenge. An exciting one at that. Messi’s rival; Cristiano Ronaldo has already proved he can do the business in both leagues and it begs the question if the Argentine would be up to the task too.

Being a loyal player and sticking to one club is in no way a bad quality to have however if Messi was able to prove that he can play at the same outstanding level in other leagues, it would go a long way in convincing doubters that he is in fact the greatest ever.