5 UFC Fighters Who Are Actually Nice Guys

They aren't all bad!

Isaac Brekken/AP

In the world where two people try their hardest to knock each other out all while being locked in a cage, it is sometimes easy to forget that the stars of mixed martial arts are actual humans.

There are a fair share of fighters who don’t do MMA any favours, whether it be throwing debris through bus windows or being responsible for a hit-and-run involving a pregnant woman. But not all fighters are the same. There are some who use the platform they have been given by the sport to promote wellness, using their status for positive and uplifting things within the community.

However, these good deeds are rarely reported within mainstream media and go under the radar of many fans as the fighters who commit them aren’t looking for the recognition they deserve - they just want to make a difference to other people’s lives.

From everything from family trauma to fatherhood, there are several different factors that have contributed to shaping some of the kindest fighters in the sport. In other words, these chaps.


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