6 Unlikely UFC Champions Who Defied The Odds

These dogs had plenty of bite!

Eric Jamison/AP

No matter the sport, it's always a great deal of fun to root for the underdog. There is something very special about seeing a guy, girl, or team defy the odds and prove the so-called experts wrong.

As sports go, few have as many compelling underdog stories as mixed martial arts. In fact, several upsets manifest inside the UFC Octagon on an almost weekly basis.

An upset in and of itself can be a joy to watch. But for those who truly love a good underdog tale, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a martial artist turn their entire career around and ultimately capture UFC gold. In truth, watching fighters overcome seemingly impossible odds is the very reason many fans follow the sport in the 1st place.

With that in mind, it's time to take a look at 6 of the most unlikely champs to ever set foot inside a UFC cage.

At one point, in each of these fighters respective careers, becoming UFC champ seemed highly unlikely — if not impossible.

There are many past and present UFC title holders who rose through the ranks with relative ease, but often, we must look to the champions who traveled a rockier road to the top, to find the stories that truly inspire us.

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