7 Surprise WWE Royal Rumble Entrants To Wish For

Is it time to Delete the Royal Rumble?


While all the promotion will bill it as 'the road to WrestleMania', the grandest stage of them all, there's a strong case to say that in fact, it's the Royal Rumble, not WrestleMania, that is the most enjoyable pay per view of the year.

Pat Patterson's milestone of being the first Intercontinental Champion pales in insignificance compared with the absolute genius of creating the 30 man over-the-top extravaganza. It's a pay per view that pretty much relies on the power of its main event (assuming they don't move a title match to the top of the bill like they have some years!) But unlike any other PPV in the year, it always feels like the most unpredictable WWE occasion.

Who's going to win? What number has your favourite wrestler 'drawn' out of the lot? What feuds are going to ignite? There's also the most fun question of them all: who's going to be the surprise entrant that we don't know about?

Last year, most will agree that AJ Styles drew the biggest 'out of nowhere' pop. So who might garner it this year? In no particular order, here are seven candidates who could make an impact...


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